Our business is to increase our clients and shareholders bottom-lines while providing the best place to work for our employees. To this end, we have develop services and divisions that meets our vision. Therefore, check-out some of our divisions and services below to see how we can help you to increase your bottom-line. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Reliable Solutions

Accountiviti Advisors

Accountiviti Advisors is a leading US-based virtual accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing partner to small businesses and non-profit organizations located in any city or town within the United States. If your bookkeeping is a mess, call us today at 1-888-810-7070 to clean it-up. Browse our site to.

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Fortcom Health Services

Fortcom (Adult Foster/Family Care Program) is a MassHealth funded program that provides daily assistance with personal care and case
management to eligible members in a home setting. Browse our site to learn more about what we can do for your family or call 617-229-6161.

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AffectAll Africa Limited

AffectAll Africa Limited is our newest division that represents and distributes technology products and services to cities, towns and villages located in Africa. You can buy our unique products and services through

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About Us

NextMargin Corporation is a private for-profit company based in Quincy, Massachusetts. Our mission is to increase our clients bottom-lines. To this end,we have developed services and subsidiaries that specializes in increasing the bottom-line for our clients.

We have developed an accounting outsourcing firm, adult foster care program in a qualify home-setting, including voice terminations and broadcasting services to land-lines and cell phones from anywhere in the world to Africa…

Our mission

Our mission and vision is to increase our clients and shareholders bottom-lines while providing the best place to work for our employees…

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